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Whether you're artistic, or scientific, Great Bay University is Online and Worldwide. We have the degree program for you.

Great Bay University delivers to anyone who is a high school graduate, or holder of an equivalency diploma. The mission of Great Bay University is to advance knowledge and educate students in arts, science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve you now, and through your many endeavors into the future.


Great Bay University offers so many popular majors, we're sure to have a concentration that suits you. If you're soon to embark into fields with excess demand and higher salaries, and you have an aptitude or interest in economics, finance or computer science, many doors will open for you, as you’ll see from the charts below.

Contact Admissions today and inquire about a program for your needs. Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate, as well as certificate programs.


At Great Bay University, Online and Worldwide, there is no boundaries to

further education and personal enrichment.

No boundaries to Personal enrichment.

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It should be a well-researched decision. Great Bay University, can assist you with cutting-edge, innovative degree programs in many areas of interest. We are here to help you navigate in todays competitive marketplace. Gain the edge with GBU.

February 04, 2017

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