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Great Bay University graduate programs are offered in five departments, and over twenty degree programs, as well as certificate programs, and dual and joint degrees. Our graduate candidates   have the opportunity to work closely with the administration across Anthem's network, and to conduct research in connection with numerous institutes and centers.


We conduct internal and external reviews on our master's programs approximately every two years, to evaluate the quality of the research and collaboration, and to recommend ways to

Masters Degree Programs

Best Degree, Employment Outlook:

Information Technology: Mid-career median pay: $95,500, Projected employment increase for common jobs associated with this degree: 23.3%


Director: Graduate Div.

Miranda Jalonsy

Beginning Semesters:

Fall, Spring Semesters

Graduate Division

Great Bay Administration does not manage certificate programs; certification is administered on the departmental/program level.  While documentation of these certificates is not included in the Great Bay University transcript, this credential can be included on the student’s curriculum vitae.

Course requirements are set at the level of the department, Graduate candidates are encouraged to confer with their Department general advisor, if they have questions regarding departmental course requirements.

Information Technology

Human Resource Management

MBA: Economics

Organizational Behavior


Our goal is to ensure that every student gets the information they need. Click below for our course catalogue.

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It should be a well-researched decision. Great Bay University, can assist you with cutting-edge, innovative degree programs in many areas of interest. We are here to help you navigate in todays competitive marketplace. Gain the edge with GBU.


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