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Political Science

Department of Arts & Sciences

Name: Political Science


Course Numbers: 101-580

Core Credit Hours: Variable: 40-84

Electives: Variable

Concentration Credit Hours: Minimum: 54

Semesters: 5-12

Associate Requirements: Minimum: 60 Credit Hours

Bachelor Requirements: Minimum: 122 Credit Hours

Graduate: Minimum: 36 Credit Hours

Requirements  for Political Science

Department of Arts & Sciences: Undergraduate Division

Modern Science & Scientific Reasoning

Principles of Economics

English Composition

World History 1865-Present

Accounting  Fundamentals

Introduction to Psychology

English Literature

Introduction to Political Science

Professional Skills Development

Calculus & Analytical Geometry

Public Speaking

World Geography

Introduction to Business Administration

Intro to Marketing & Commerce

College Writing

Topics in International Relations

Comparative Government

American National Government

The History of Political Thought

Organizational Psychology

Global Cultures

Civil Rights and Liberties

Statistics & Analysis

International Finance and Monetary Systems

Introduction to Philosophy

Economic & Foreign Policy of the United States

American Constitutional Law

Research Design and Data Collection

Modern Political Theory

Bureaucracy and Public Policy

International Political Parties & Interest Groups

Urban Politics & Governance

Topics in Democracy and Human Rights

Majors Available:

Business Management

Business Administration

International Business

Project Management

Logistics Management

Human Resource Management





SCI 105

ECO 112

ENG 101

HIS 140

ACT 110

PSY 151

ENG 180

POL 200

SPE 212

CAL 182

COM 225

GEO 269

BUS 249

MKT 280

SPE 252

POL 301

POL 302

GVT 319

POL 303

PSY 355

SOC 318

POL 304

STA 380

FIN 304

PHI 371

POL 380

POL 385

POL 386

POL 400

POL 412

POL 413

POL 415

POL 425

Thomas Haverford


Arts & Sciences Professor


Department of Arts &


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The above courses represent Political Science in general. Additional requisites may be required, additional science or arts (core) classes may be required

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